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Best Miss Frizzle Quotes From the Magic School Bus

An animated children’s television program called The Magic School Bus with miss frizzle is based on the books by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen of the same name.

miss frizzle

The initial run of the series, which ran from 1994 to 1997, was praised by critics for its use of famous voice actors and for fusing an entertaining with an instructive series.

On the aptly named school bus, Professor Frizzle travels with her class on excursions. They explore places, creatures, eras, and more throughout their amazing field trips, learning more about the wonders of science along the way.

The television show’s initial release was on VHS. KidVision distributed the VHS tapes of the show between 1995 and 2003. Between 2002 and 2013, Warner Home Video distributed it on DVD.

The Best Miss Frizzle Quotes

Below is a simple collection of miss frizzle quotes to read and enjoy.

The Friz on Science

1. “Looks can be deceiving, Wanda. Oftentimes what is isn’t, and what isn’t is.”

2. “As I always say, make mistakes, make mistakes, make mistakes! It’s the best way to learn something.”

3. “Don’t forget to look for connections!”

4. “All stars have gas. That’s what they’re made of. But this two million year old baby just hasn’t settled down yet. You know it’s at that awkward age.”

5. “In just a few moments, we’ll be landing in Arnold’s stomach. Thank you for flying Digestion Airways.”

6. “Ahh, the smell of decomposing orange. Delectable.”

7. “The best way to know is to do.”

8. “Welcome to outer space, class. The only planetarium open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

9. “As I always say, look to mother nature for the best of everything.”

The Friz On Life

10. “As I always say, for every trip, there’s a road map.”

11. “Where the road ends, adventure begins!”

12. “If you keep asking questions, you’ll keep getting answers.”

13. “If you don’t look, you’ll never see. And what you don’t see can be very hard to find.”

14. “As my old parachute instructor used to say, look before you leap, and never jump to conclusions.”

15. “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”

science teacher


16. “As I always say, class, you’re out of this world.”

17. “Okay, bus—do your stuff!”

18. “Single file, please.”

19. “To the bus!”

20. “Seat belts, everyone!”

21. “Hit it, Liz!”


Ms Valerie Frizzle costume wears his wild red hair in an untidy bun. She frequently dons elaborate clothing that corresponds with the lesson for the day. Keesha Franklin inquires, “Where does she acquire her clothes?” after noticing that the images on her garments frequently change or glow.

Her earrings frequently light up or glow when she speaks or when she gets that “twinkle in her eye,” indicating the idea for or the beginning of a new field trip.

She generally does something, like light up, when she snaps her fingers, says particular words, or dons certain attire. As a result, one of the students in her class inquired, “How does she accomplish that?” She has emerald eyes as well and almost never appears without a smile on her face.

Miss Frizzle’s Personality

Miss Frizzle is a little enigmatic and frequently takes the kids on bizarre field trips on the Magic School Bus rides.

Sometimes she unintentionally activates a source of magic on the Bus while it was supposed to go on a regular field trip, or The Bus just drives itself to the location.

She can channel the power of the Bus into other vehicles, like a cardboard school bus (And the Science Fair Expedition). She is constantly joyful and encouraging, much like a typical instructor, despite her bizarre behavior and mystifying addition to teaching and learning.

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