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Amazing Snow Poems – 15 Poems about Winter and Snow

Winter is an incredibly beautiful season. It is easy to see how it has inspired poets throughout history with it’s frosty nights, bright, crisp days, and powdery snow. We have curated a collection of classical and contemporary winter poems here.

1. Title: “Snow Day Bliss”

Snow falls upon the ground,
Mounding in joyous heaps renowned.
School’s canceled for the day’s play,
Children rush outside without delay.

Snowballs dance through the air,
Laughter echoing, without a care.
No thoughts of school, just pure fun,
Beneath the winter’s glowing sun.

Snowmen rise, reaching high,
Round bodies shaped against the sky.
Mittens and hats, the final pat,
Creating joy that means so much.

As the weather turns cold,
Children are told to come inside, behold,
Hot chocolate and treats to eat,
A sweet reward for frosty feat.

Snow Day Bliss - Amazing Snow Poems

2. Title: “Snowbound Serenity”

In the dreamed Christmas, a silent trance,
Flakes descend from far-off silence, dance.
Starry nights keep us wide awake,
Listening for snow’s papery rustle, for its sake.

Awakening, our ceiling shimmers, bright,
A psaltery of light, a day in flight.
Over snow fields, footsteps gracefully align,
Before Atlantic air wipes away the sign.

Home at dusk, snow-blind from the chase,
Following fox, crow, and hare’s trace.
By the fire, a roasting bird delights,
Phones ring with voices inquiring our whereabouts.

A day foretold in images, crystalline,
Glassy ponds, snowy roofs, scenes pristine.
A holy child, gold-iconed in lore,
Or women pleading at a shifting frontier’s door.

Snowbound Serenity - Amazing Snow Poems

3. Title: “Snow’s Patient Arrival”

The winter’s wait for snow, a patient gaze,
Temperatures plunged below, a frosty phase.
Indoors, wind’s chill factor, a retreat embraced,
In my home of three floors, warmth interlaced.

Day by day, as temperatures declined,
Anticipation of snow, a hopeful bind.
We yearned for rain, clouds to drift away,
Winds ceased, raindrops hinted at a snowy display.

In this wilderness, hopes soared on the breeze,
Snowfall whispers, a longing to appease.
A week of guessing, a blessing we’d adore,
The overdue snowfall, awaited evermore.

As we wait, uncertain of when it will befall,
Hope clings that heaven heeds the natural call.
Before our departure, a share of snow’s grace,
To claim before we leave, a wish we embrace.

Snow's Patient Arrival - Amazing Snow Poems

4. Title: “A Clinging Snow”

In the tree-bound realm, a dance with snow,
Like Othello paired with his flawless beau.
In parallels of hope and fate’s embrace,
Sweet white trails where the branches trace.

Feathered arches, bending low with grace,
The forest cloaked in a crystal embrace.
Softly scintillant, hushed aisles await,
As angels march in a celestial gait.

The lowliest hush surpasses the highest art,
Loveliness on log and stone imparts.
Wreathed in every woodland recess,
A vision of purity and living finesse.

Here, truth and beauty intertwine,
Grown into the purest hearts’ design.
In the wood’s recesses, a radiant mood,
Where all concerns are inherently fair and good.

A Clinging Snow - Amazing Snow Poems

5. Title: “Snow and Roses”

The room bathes in riches, snow and roses’ bloom,
A bay window’s tale, silent and in tune.
World’s sudden splendor, beyond our reckoning,
Incorrigibly plural, in its constant beckoning.

Crazier and richer, it unfolds its lore,
As I peel a tangerine, the world to explore.
Drunken with the myriad, the diverse and vast,
In the fire’s bubbling, the world is steadfast.

Spiteful and gay, the world makes its pose,
On the tongue, the eyes, where wonder flows.
Beyond mere glass, where snow and roses compose,
A universe unfurls, in beauty it glows.

In the palms of our hands, it whispers its story,
A symphony of elements, an allegory.
More than glass, a portal to realms untold,
In the dance of snow and roses, a wonder to behold.

Snow and Roses - Amazing Snow Poems

6. Title: “Snow Song Serenade”

Fairy snow, in a dance so rare,
Softly blowing, an enchanting air.
I yearn to soar, a crystal star,
Lightly through the air, near and far.

Drifting, blowing, a delicate twist,
Closer to my love, in the snow-kissed tryst.
Through the snow, near, more near,
To my dear, whom I hold dear.

I dream to fly to my love’s embrace,
A flake in the storm, a tender grace.
In the storm’s dance, I would gladly die,
On his lips that warmly lie.

As the snow blankets, a tranquil spree,
A dreamlike flight, just my love and me.
In his arms, where passion’s flames ignite,
Together we’d dance through the winter’s night.

Snow Song Serenade - Amazing Snow Poems

7. Title: “Snow Day Delight”

Snow, snow, a whimsical show,
Where it drifts, nobody knows.
Children gather, laughter takes flight,
Snowball fights on this pure-white night.

No sun to spoil the joyous play,
Snowfall paints the world today.
Kids ask parents with hopeful cheer,
“Can we go out?” The parents say, “You may.”

Snow, snow, stay and play,
Don’t melt and go away.
In our hands, a snowy delight,
Building dreams until it’s just right.

When the day’s snowy tale is spun,
Candy and hot cocoa for everyone.
As the sun hesitates to make its noon debut,
A snow day’s magic holds us true.

Snow Day Delight - Amazing Snow Poems

8. Title: “Snow-Fairies’ Ballet”

Throughout the afternoon, in the open air,
Snow-fairies descended from the sky,
Whirling in a fantastic, misty affair,
Contending fiercely for space up high.

A mightier force of them appeared by night,
As if a heavenly revolt took flight,
Frail things in panic, seeking calm respite,
Descended to the earth in peaceful light.

I retired to bed, and at dawn’s first ray,
They lay huddled together, a snowy heap,
Merged and intertwined upon the lawn’s display,
Worn out from the sharp struggle, fast asleep.

The sun’s bright gaze upon them did play,
Yet, stealthily, by night, they had stolen away,
Leaving behind a trace of their enchanting ballet,
A silent ode to the night, where dreams in snow lay.

Snow-Fairies' Ballet - Amazing Snow Poems

9. Title: “A Winter’s Night”

In winter’s heart, where snow descends,
A perfect night, its wonder transcends.
A world adorned in blankets of white,
Nature’s regal crown, a tranquil sight.

Stars twinkle brightly in the darkened sky,
Against its depth, they shimmer and lie.
Snowflakes fall like diamonds in flight,
Softly drifting, a silent, wondrous night.

In the hush, as snowflakes gently play,
My heart takes flight, carried away.
A winter’s night, a magical ballet,
In the quiet beauty, life finds its duty.

Amidst winter’s stillness, a pure embrace,
A reminder of nature’s serene grace.
A world so simple, yet rich in beauty,
In the heart of winter, life’s sacred duty.

A Winter's Night - Amazing Snow Poems

10. Title: “A Christmas Snowfall”

I wish to see the beauty of a Christmas snow,
Hear songs about a holy birth aglow.
Along lit streets where joy is sown,
Love growing in every heart, peace known.

Beneath the lights, a festive cheer,
Snowflakes dance, a sight so clear.
In every heart, let kindness flow,
A Christmas wish, for love to grow.

Through winter’s hush, a peaceful mirth,
Uniting souls across the earth.
I wish to see the snowflakes waltz,
In every heart, let love exalt.

So, let the beauty of Christmas snow,
Paint a world where love will grow.
Songs of peace in hearts shall chime,
A holiday wish for a joyful time.

A Christmas Snowfall - Amazing Snow Poems

11. Title: “Christmas Snow”

Fall thickly on the rose-bush,
O faintly falling snow!
For she is gone who trained its branch,
And wooed its bud to blow.

Cover the well-known pathway,
O damp December snow,
Her step no longer lingers there,
When stars begin to glow.

Melt in the rapid river,
O cold and cheerless snow!
She sees no more its sudden wave,
Nor hears its foaming flow.

Chill every song-bird’s music,
O silent, sullen snow!
I cannot hear her loving voice,
That lulled me long ago.

Christmas Snow - Amazing Snow Poems

12. Title: “Frozen Tapestry”

In winter’s grasp, a tale unfolds,
Mountains icy, a story retold.
From the hunt, toward evening’s grace,
Sturdy hunters lead their chase.

On the left, a pack strides strong,
Inn-sign sways, history long.
A broken hinge, a stag’s pride,
Crucifix between antlers, tales implied.

Cold inn yard, in solitude stands,
Deserted, save a grand bonfire’s bands.
Wind-driven flares light the air,
Women cluster, warmth to share.

To the right, beyond the hill,
A pattern of skaters, joy to instill.
Brueghel the painter, vision clear,
Winter-struck bush draws near.

Frozen Tapestry - Amazing Snow Poems

13. Title: “Eternal Halo of Snow”

In the night’s long, restless vigil, deep and still,
A gentle visage, of one long gone, instills
Its gaze upon me from the wall’s embrace,
A night-lamp’s pale halo adorning its face.

Within this room, where silence forever resides,
Her soul, untainted, in eternal peace abides.
No martyrdom’s fire led to this repose,
A life more benedight, a story only the heart knows.

In the distant West, a mountain stands tall,
Defying the sun, in ravines deep and small,
A cross of snow upon its rugged side.
Much like the one on my breast, where I confide,

For eighteen years, through scenes untamed,
Through seasons shifting, and emotions unnamed.
Changeless since the day she left this life,
A cross of snow, a symbol of eternal strife.

Eternal Halo of Snow - Amazing Snow Poems

14. Title: “Snowfall Symphony”

In the city air, an abrupt snowfall spread,
Distinct flakes, like krill, sideways fled,
As if escaping the maw of an advancing whale,
A mesmerizing dance in the wintry gale.

From the taxi’s center, I surveyed,
On that fading Sunday, as the scene portrayed.
In the heart of the universe, I sat,
A privileged observer of this wintry spat.

A run of white plankton, a celestial display,
Down the Avenue of the Americas, in the wind’s sway.
Phosphorescent against the weighty structures,
Nature’s artistry against urban structures.

The city transformed into a snow-lit dreamscape,
A symphony of flakes, in the cold windscape.
Through the taxi window, a magical sight,
A dance of snowflakes, enchanting the night.

Snowfall Symphony - Amazing Snow Poems

15. Title: “Winter’s Enchantment”

In winter’s wonder, all unfolds,
A world transformed, its secrets told.
Snowflakes dance, like diamonds bright,
Upon the land, a wondrous sight.

The icy touch, so cold, yet sweet,
Caresses all, in soft retreat.
A world reborn, a pristine hue,
Fills me with awe, the magic true.

Oh, winter, with your enchanting spell,
You make the world a tale to tell.
A place of magic, grace, and charm,
In your embrace, we find the warm.

In frosty air, the silence sings,
Nature’s symphony, on snow it clings.
Oh, winter, weave your magic true,
A world of wonder, I walk with you.

Winter's Enchantment - Amazing Snow Poems

16. Title: “Snow’s Nostalgic Ballet”

So provisional, near inconsequence,
Uncourageous, it dodges confidence.
Fearful of the concrete, the frosty squeeze,
On asphalt tightens, then into nostalgia flees.

Beneath the streetlight’s dim, the sky aglow,
Dust-laden and pale, fluttering in its show.
On the ground, damp pockets, echoes of the past,
Whispers of what no longer will last.

Tentative as first snow, a hesitant flight,
We move towards the other, shadows of the night.
Recalling the chill, a memory to uncover,
The pleasure of complete cover.

In its transient dance, a fleeting chance,
Uncertain of its stance, avoiding advance.
Frozen contours grip, then release,
Vanishing into realms of nostalgic peace.

Snow's Nostalgic Ballet - Amazing Snow Poems

17. Title: “Snow Day Reverie”

Today, a revolution of snow unfurls,
Its white flag draped over the world in swirls.
The landscape vanishes in a pristine sweep,
Not a mouse disturbs the snowy sleep.

Beyond these windows, government buildings lie,
Smothered in blankets of snow reaching high.
Schools, libraries, the post office lost,
Under the silent drifts, a wintry cost.

Train paths softly blocked, a world enthralling,
Falling under the hush of snow, entangling.
Soon, I’ll don boots, tread like water’s embrace,
The dog porpoising through the snowy space.

Shaking laden branches, cold showers descend,
A willing prisoner in this house, I’ll spend.
A sympathizer with snow’s anarchic cause,
Making tea, embracing winter’s pause.

Snow Day Reverie - Amazing Snow Poems

18. Title: “Dust of Snow”

In shadows deep, a crow
Unleashed a gentle blow,
Dust of snow, cascading free,
From a hemlock tree.

Upon my heart, it lays,
A change of mood conveys,
A saving grace, impart,
On a day I’d rued, in part.

Soft feathers black, a dance,
Stirring fate’s happenstance,
Transformed despair, you see,
Beneath the hemlock tree.

A raven’s gift, profound,
A fleeting peace is found,
Rescued from the gray,
A brighter, lighter day.

Dust of Snow - Amazing Snow Poems

19. Title: “Snowy Conversation”

Walking through a field with Seth, my little brother,
Pointing to where kids made snow angels together.
For some reason, I wove a tale so grand,
Of angels shot, dissolving on the land.

On the lake’s roof, a frozen tableau,
The ice below like water in a photo.
“Why?” Seth asked about the angels’ fate,
Lost in my tale, I stumbled, couldn’t articulate.

“They were on his land,” finally I said,
In the quiet snowfall where stories spread.
Outdoors becomes a room when it snows,
A shared secret only winter bestows.

Today, hellos traded with my neighbor dear,
Voices close in the crisp winter air.
A room with walls of snow, standing tall,
We shovel side by side, silent yet enthralled.

Snowy Conversation - Amazing Snow Poems

20. Title: “Winter Whispers”

Winter, Winter, dear and bright,
You hold a special, cherished light.
Fluffy snow, a wondrous sight,
My love for you, pure and white.

Turning snow to icy sheen,
A chilly turn, not serene.
Snow people stand in rows,
A snowy spectacle that winter bestows.

Angels grace the snowy ground,
Their presence, winter’s gift profound.
Christmas Eve with trees so grand,
In your embrace, a joyous stand.

Let the snowfall gently start,
So Santa can play his part.
Winter, Winter, come in close,
Sip hot cocoa, feel its warm repose.

Winter Whispers - Amazing Snow Poems

Snow is one of winter’s few redeeming attributes. There are few things more beautiful than looking out your house window and discovering the first flurries falling softly to the ground.

It envelops us in a cozy cocoon as the snow piles up outside our homes. Now is the time to put on comfortable slippers, make use of a blanket, and relax your body with a little hot chocolate.

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