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Bite into these 17 Vampire Manga Series this Year

These shojo, shonen, and seinen comics provide the bats, blood, fangs, and stunningly beautiful creatures of the night that make vampire enthusiasts swoon. If that’s why you’re here, then this article is for you.

We occasionally get in the mood for this specific genre—immortal vampires sapping the life from their poor victims, but it only happens once in a while. You can’t help but be drawn in by the vampires’ enigmatic yet alluring presence.

They range from gothic romances and gory horror to tense modern mysteries and silly comedies.

Read a series worth bingeing on to satisfy your appetite for vampire manga. This list explores the top vampire manga across several genres. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy the ride—our complete list below includes romance, mystery, shounen, and more!

1. Blood Lad by Yuuki Kodama

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Manga is not the first genre to involve interdimensional travel. The way this cliche is frequently used, though, is with regular high school students slipping into a fantastical realm. High school girl Fuyumi steps through a gateway in blood lad that takes her to the demon world.

 She encounters Staz, a formidable vampire. Sadly, Fuyumi is killed and turns into a ghost, so their visit is cut short. Thankfully, Staz steps in and decides it’s his duty to save her.


2. The Record of a Fallen Vampire by Kyo Shirodaira And Yuri Kimura

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When vampires and humans coexisted, the kingdom under the control of vampire King Akabara Rosered Strauss was the dominant force. He had a vampire queen, but she was put away by a mystic seal after she went on a rampage brought on by madness.

Strauss has been looking for his long-lost queen ever since, but his search seems to have no end in sight. The difficulty of his mission is far greater than first appears.

Strauss’ adversary, the black swan, was created by the forces opposed to Strauss in order to stop him from discovering his queen and reawakening her. In order to fight the despondent king, this warrior woman is repeatedly reincarnated.

3. My Monster Secret by Eiji Masuda

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My Monster Secret is a vampire comic about hiding secrets, as the title implies. It centers on Asahi from high school, who learns that his classmate Yoko is a vampire.

This is a major issue because Yoko can only go to school if no one finds out that she is a vampire. Naturally, Asahi must keep her identity a secret in light of this. It’s a shame that this child can’t keep a secret to save his life.

4. Akaoni: Contract With a Vampire by Hiroro

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Azusa learns that her blood tempts vampires, making her a frequent kidnapping target in this vampire romance light novel. But when she is saved, she discovers that her rescuer is just like the rest of them as he brings her to a coven for her own safety.

5. The Case Study by Jun Mochizuki

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The Case Study of Vanitas is a vampire story in which the themes of curse and salvation are central. The Book of Vanitas, which is said to revive the bloodlust of a ravenous vampire, is bestowed upon the great Vanitas.

Vanitas encounters Noé Archiviste, a vampire on the prowl for the dreaded Book of Vanitas, while on one of his adventures. The unusual team ends up cooperating to assist in eradicating.

6. Bloody Mary by Akaza Samamiya

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There have always been vampires who dream of death as long as there have been immortal vampires. The exorcist with the ability to slay him, known as Bloody Mary, has been looking for him for generations.

Mary learns that the purported exorcist is unable to kill vampires when he eventually locates him. Nothing ever seems to go perfectly, does it?

7. Vampire Knight: Memories by Matsuri Hino

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Both day classes for humans and night classes for aristocratic vampires are offered by the Cross Academy, which has an unusual curriculum for its two very distinct student populations.

Yuki cross is one of the few human students who is aware of the secret of the night school classmates because she is the headmaster’s adoptive daughter.

Yuki soon finds herself in a confusing love triangle that could cost her humanity as she learns about long-standing blood ties, resentments, romances, and rivalries between the many vampire clans.

8.Dance in the Vampire Bund by Nozomu Tamaki

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Can humans and vampires coexist in harmony? The vampiric princess Mina Tepes’s biggest yearning is that. With humans fearing vampires and radical vampires refusing to cooperate, her dream is more difficult to achieve than she might think.

9. Hellsing by Hirano Kouta

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The royal order of the protestant knights, often known as the Hellsing organization, is on the front lines when paranormal forces pose a threat to the queen and country.

They used Alucard as a strong immortal and a nearly unstoppable vampire who can shoot, kill, and maim his adversaries with ice-cold effectiveness.

Alucard leaves a trail of death in his wake as he battles the catholic church, the nazis, and other vampires. He doesn’t spare any souls.

10. Vampire Hunter D by Hideyuki Kikuchi

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Vampires are aristocrats, scientists, and the planet’s rulers in a world devastated by a long-ago Armageddon. They still need human blood although humans are regaining power in this dismal world and vampires’ dominance is waning.

D is a dhampir who is a hybrid of the human and vampire worlds who lives in this dark, wicked realm. He is the best vampire hunter because of his special blend of physical prowess, magical ability, intelligence, and graceful, alluring attractiveness.

11. Seraph Of the End by Takaya Kagami And Yamato Yamamoto

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The plot of Seraph of the End is like that of Vampire Hunter D. The world ends, and while people battle to survive, vampires appear out of the night to recapture the planet.

The bond between a young guy who has devoted his life to destroying vampires and his childhood best friend who has turned into a vampire is the focus of the television series.

12. Black Rose Alice by Setona Mizushiro

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Black rose Alice follows the trend of vampire manga that frequently features twisted relationships. A high school teacher tries to break up with a student because of their age gap in the opening scene of the manga.

Though the breakup turns tragic, the instructor accepts a vampire’s promise to cure him in order to save his life. But in return, she must have her soul transferred into the body of the vampire who was her childhood friend and cherished.

13. Noblesse by Son Jeho And Lee Kwangsu

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Manga adaptations of vampires frequently feature inventive, outrageous, and fascinating mashups. Noblesse upholds this unique trait in spades despite being a manhwa.

The main character of Noblesse, Rai, awakens in contemporary South Korea after 820 years of sleep. While adapting to how civilization has changed while he was sleeping is his most urgent issue. It soon becomes clear that a secret group has other goals in mind.

14. Rosario + Vampire by Akihisa Ikeda

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Rosario to Vampire is not your typical stereotypical harem; it is renowned for its vivid visual style that vividly displays combat scenes and characters’ emotions.

Rosario Vampire by Akihasa Ikeda has a lot going for it, including a compelling plot, developed characters, and of course a ton of eye-candy 2-D females.

Tsukune Aono, a misfortunate adolescent who cannot enroll in high school due to his subpar grades, is the protagonist of our story. He is enrolled in a private school that doesn’t require an entrance exam by his parents out of desperation.

The institution’s darkest secret, on the other hand, is quickly revealed to Aono: it’s a boarding school where monsters are taught to live in harmony with people.

15. Chibi Vampire by Yuna Kagesaki

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In a vampire family, Karin is the outcast. Karin is a vampire in reverse. While her dashing older brother seduces and consumes the blood of attractive girls, Karin distributes blood to anybody she bites.

Karin’s transfusions inject her “victims” with luck and vitality. Karin has extra blood once a month. Blood gushes out of her nose, which is embarrassing if she can’t find a victim to give it to.

One night, when she “donates” blood to a drunk businessman, Kenta, one of her classmates, immediately draws the incorrect conclusion. When Karin begins to have an odd attraction to Kenta, things only become more complex.

16. Midnight Secretary by Ohmi Tom

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After accepting to work with Kyouhei Touma, the director of a dinnerware firm, as a private secretary, Kaya Satozuka’s life completely turned upside down.

Kaya had heard endless tales about Kyouhei’s charm with ladies and strictness at work before she ever met her new boss. She believed she was ready.

She wasn’t prepared to witness her boss licking blood from a woman’s neck. Kaya doesn’t let the fact that her new boss is actually a vampire deter her from working for Kyouhei, and she even develops feelings for him.

17. Strike the Blood by Gakuto Mikumo

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Strike the Blood is a light novel series that is based on the premise that there is a man-made island, where monsters can dwell freely among humans.

The story begins with a young female shaman being dispatched to the island to watch a high school student who might turn into a serious vampire threat.

Did you devour this article the same way vampires feed on human flesh? If yes, what was your favorite manga?

 Let us know in the comment box!


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