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15 Best Reading Lights for Bed 2022

Your bed may do more than just serve as a place to sleep and your bedside table can become a lovely haven for midnight rituals if you have a warm and personal reading light. If you’re seeking for the finest reading lights for beds in 2022, this list will assist you in choosing the right one!

Having a reading light provides you with the lighting you need for your nighttime hobbies, whether you enjoy reading or catching up on social media, or anything else your heart desires.

There are a few different style options to take into account, depending on where you want to put your light for reading in bed. A table light or desk lamp will be useful if you have a desk or nightstand near your bed.

A wall sconce light can be installed next to, above, or on your headboard for more direct downward lighting. Reading light for bed will transform your bedroom into a versatile area, regardless of the style you select.

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What to Consider Before Purchasing a Bedside Reading Light

Whether you’re reading a paperback, an e-reader, or a tablet, it’s critical to understand why the right lighting is essential for your reading environment.

While reading in the dark does not cause permanent damage to our eyes, it can cause short-term effects that are completely avoidable, such as headaches and eyestrain. With that in mind, here are a few reading environment suggestions for both children and adults.

Consider the brightness of your digital screen in relation to your reading environment. As many books, including student textbooks, transition from paperback to digital, it’s important to remember that the lighting in the area you’re reading in should be as bright as or brighter than your digital device. As a result, avoid reading in dimly lit rooms.

Because your eyes are constantly adjusting between the brightness of a screen and your dimly lit surroundings, reading from digital devices in a dark room can cause discomfort, lower concentration, and disorientation. Furthermore, dark rooms will not provide adequate lighting if you are reading a paperback book.

Increase the amount of task lighting in your home. Artificial light that increases illuminance for activities such as reading is referred to as task lighting. According to Graham Strong of the University of Waterloo’s School of Optometry, most homes are significantly underlit, which can cause your eyes to tire out much faster.

To avoid glare, light should be directed directly onto the page rather than over your shoulder when performing tasks such as reading.

When considering purchasing a reading light for bed, there are several factors to consider. Considering all of these factors ahead of time will allow you to make an informed decision and find the best personal reading light for you!

How many lamps do you need?

If you are the only one sleeping in your bed, you only need one bedside lamp. You’ll need two lamps if you have a partner and don’t want to bother them.

If your bedroom is large, or if you have a King-size mattress and two bedside tables, two bedside lamps will provide more balance and comfort. As a result, you can use the light from either side of the bed.

Type of Light

There are four primary sorts of book lights for reading in bed, so one of the first things you’ll want to consider is what type of light is ideal for you.

There isn’t a single type that is better than the others; but, according to your personal tastes and reading style, one type may end up being the better option for you.

Neck lights, bookmark lights, clip-on book lights, and clip-on lights for bed headboards are the four different kinds of lights for reading at night.

Be sure to think about what is ideal for you before you buy, since this list of the best reading lights for beds features lights from all four designs.

Neck book lights have flexible arms with lights on each end that you can point at your book. They drape around your neck. They are fantastic as a hands-free reading light for bed and give a number of setting options to get the best light coverage on the page.

However, those who like to read while laying down may find that the back of the light digs into their neck a bit.

The next type, bookmark lights, are lightweight reading lights that attach to your book in a clip-on format. The key feature of these lights is that they are thin enough that you can use them as a bookmark!

Bookmark lights are likely your best option if you’re looking for the smallest portable reading lights, as they take up practically no space at all.

They are also perfect for reading paperbacks as they don’t weigh down the pages, but you’ll find that with most bookmark lights you will have less flexibility in positioning the light over your book.

Meanwhile, the clip-on book light style is one of the most popular types of reading lights for bed, so you’ll find a ton of options on the market. In terms of how they attach to books, these are similar to bookmark lights, but you’ll notice that they are a little bigger and have a few more substantial clips.

These also usually have a longer arm space, so you have more choice in where you can put the light over your book. One thing to be aware of before you choose this style, however, is that some people find clip-on reading lights to be unwieldy (especially on smaller paperbacks) (especially on smaller paperbacks).

We personally don’t find this to be an issue, but it’s something to consider before you buy.

Clip-on lights are the final type of lighting for bed headboards (or shelves or nightstands). You’ll discover that these book light options for reading in bed are typically the largest and look a lot like bedside lamps.

But one significant distinction between these and lamps is that reading lights typically offer a more concentrated light beam as opposed to the wider light that a lamp casts.

This means you are less likely to disturb someone else in the bed or in the room with you when you using a reading light like these… although in general, they do cast more light than many of the smaller book lights (like the around-the-neck book lights and bookmark lights) (like the around-the-neck book lights and bookmark lights).

Each of the following light types has outstanding features, but each one has a special twist of its own. To ensure you get a reading light you’ll adore, be sure to think about which type suits your reading style the most.

Brightness level

Are you first seeking a light to enable you to read in bed without bothering anyone else in the space? For many people looking for a personal book reading light, this is one of the most crucial factors, so if that describes you as well, make sure to purchase a light with strong dimming capabilities.

You should also think about how sensitive the person with whom you are sharing a room is to light. The majority of the most well-liked book lights on the market have conflicting reviews, with some customers claiming the light is the ideal level of dimness and others complaining that it was too bright and irritated their significant other.

Make sure to purchase a light with the lowest brightness levels if you or the individual with whom you share a room are extremely sensitive to light.

On the other hand, you should probably choose a lamp that offers brighter light rather than dim light if you have trouble reading in low light. If you have any form of eye disorder or eye troubles, you should take this into consideration when choosing a book light because there is no reason to purchase one that won’t provide you with adequate light to see by.

You must ensure that there is enough light in the bedroom for reading. However, it should not be too bright. Extreme brightness can trick your brain into thinking it’s daylight. As a result, the body produces less melatonin, also known as the sleeping hormone, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Warmer colors, such as yellow, do not interfere with melatonin production and are ideal for bedroom activities, such as reading.

There are many reading lamps available today that allow you to control the brightness level. A dimmer can meet a variety of lighting requirements. You can lower the brightness level when you need less light and raise it when you need more light.

Therefore, before selecting one, make sure the reading lamp includes a brightness control feature.

Color Temperature

Consideration should be given to color temperature, particularly in the bedroom. You must choose between cool light and warm light. Cooler light has a higher color temperature than warm light and vice versa. The color temperature for reading should not be higher than 3000 kelvin or lower than 2700 kelvin.

Why is color temperature important? It’s important to consider color temperature because doing so might lessen stress and strain on the eyes (particularly when reading at night). Avoiding light with blue wavelengths can perhaps make you healthier and better rested because they can disturb your sleep as well!

The ideal color temperature for reading at night is one that is warm or just a little bit yellow, like a light in the 3000K range…

Therefore, we advise you to search for lights with this color temperature for your bedside reading lamps.

However, some individuals discover that reading in this yellow light is difficult for them (whether because of eye issues or simply because they do not like the color). In these situations, I advise you to look for a warm white light source because it is less yellow but still gentler on the eyes.

But if you want the finest book lights for reading in bed, my best advice is to try to choose one that has a range of color temperatures. Many of the lights that are currently on the market have at least two to three different color options, so you may buy the light and then choose the color that suits you the best.

This is a fantastic approach to having the freedom to switch between color temperatures in accordance with your environment!

The ideal height

Lamp height is important, particularly in a bedroom. The bedside lamp’s main function is to offer light for reading. You don’t want the light to fall on your eyes, for sure. Therefore, you must pick a lamp that is at the right height for reading in bed while upright.

The nightstand or table where the lamp will be positioned determines the optimal height for the bedside lamp. A light should have a height between 63 and 76 cm (25 and 30 inches) if the bedside table is the same height as the top of the mattress.

Add an inch or two for the lamp if the table is shorter than the bed. However, a light that is 36 inches or taller will be inappropriate.

Consider the Style

Your sanctuary, your private, intimate living quarters, is your bedroom. Therefore, the decor of the room should be chosen to help you feel calm and refreshed.

When you walk into your bedroom, the right bulb may dramatically alter your perspective and make you feel refreshed. Therefore, you must pick a reading lamp that will showcase your style, be beautiful, and improve the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

Hopefully, the aforementioned advice will assist you in selecting the ideal reading lamp for your bedroom.

Energy Source

What kind of power source it uses is the next thing you should think about before purchasing a reading light. You can occasionally find solar reading lights like this one, which didn’t make the cut for the best reading lights for bed, but is a terrific alternative for camping or other outdoor activities!

There are plenty to pick from, including ones that are battery-operated, rechargeable, and plug into the wall.


You’ll be happy to learn that most reading lamps are pretty affordable from a financial standpoint. The majority of the reading lights on this list are around $15, and every one is priced under $25.

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, thus the cheapest lights may not necessarily be the greatest in terms of quality or feature selection. However, if cost is a concern for you, you may think about purchasing this reading light, which is among the most inexpensive but high-quality options.

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Best Reading Lights for Bed

1. Lepower Clip On Light for Bed Headboard

The Lepower Light for Bed Headboard is the final light on this list of the best reading lights for beds. It is a clip-on reading light for headboards.

Three different color temperatures—vintage yellow, warm white, and cool white—are available in their revised version of this light.

The Hoogalite Amber Reading Light has the lowest color temperature on this list, right behind it, and these temperatures span from the low setting of 2700K up to the cool white setting of 6000K, providing you with a choice of possibilities.

This light is fantastic in terms of brightness because it delivers continuous dimming as opposed to various brightness levels. Instead of using pre-selected brightness levels that might not be suitable for your needs, you can select the precise brightness level you desire.

By clicking the buttons on the corded remote, you can change these settings.

This light’s power supply is via a USB connection; however, a USB wall converter is not included. But in contrast to the Raniaco headboard light, you must use this one when it is plugged into a power source (either a wall socket, computer, power bank, or other USB charging source).

The fact that this light remembers your most recent color temperature when you turn it on again and that the arm is flexible and simple to adjust means that you may change reading positions without having to move the entire light are two more cool features.

This light also comes with a one-year warranty, and the clip is sturdy and big enough to clip onto anything that is less than about 2.4 inches.

This light is undoubtedly one of the greatest options available if you’re searching for a great one that won’t require you to clip it to your book in order to utilize it.


2. Vont Clip-On Reading Light

The Vont Clip-On Reading Light is one to take into account while looking for the best reading lights for beds. Its durable yet lightweight design makes it simple to use and ensures a long lifespan.

This light’s big clip, which gives you a variety of ways to use it, is one of its best characteristics. It may be attached to practically any surface, including a headboard, a desk, or the back of a hardback book to be used as a clip-on book light. And if you’d rather not attach it to anything, you can also just set it on top of a hard surface.

This light likewise features 16 LED bulbs with a color temperature of 5500–6000K, and this particular model has a touch sensor that makes it simple to move between the low, medium, and high brightness settings. This implies that you can adjust the brightness level to suit your own needs!

The 360° flexible gooseneck, which allows you to orient the light anywhere you choose for the optimal lighting conditions while reading, is another fantastic feature. Although this neck is quite flexible, it also performs a great job of maintaining its position and does not droop.

You may use this light wherever you want without worrying about plugging it in because it is rechargeable (and charges completely in 1.5–3 hours). Depending on the brightness levels you select, you can use the device for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

One thing to keep in mind is that this light only comes with a USB charging cable; if you intend to put it on the wall, you will need to purchase a wall adapter. More information on this reading light is available here, but overall, you’ll find it to be a fantastic, adaptable reading light that you’ll love using!


3. LEDGLE Rechargeable LED Book Light

A fantastic bedside LED reading light is the LEDGLE Rechargeable LED Book Light. You should absolutely take this into consideration while looking for the finest reading light for bed because it is portable, hands-free, and versatile.

Because of the rubber texture, which makes the frame more comfortable as it rests on your neck, this book light is lightweight and fairly comfortable to wear. To use, simply put the flexible arms around your neck and turn the light toward your reading by adjusting the light’s direction.

This book light comes in two different variants, one with a 2700K–7000K color temperature range and the other with a 6500–7000K range. The 2700K-7000K one is the one I advise because it offers the 3000K color temperature that is ideal for nighttime reading while also allowing you to choose the hue of light you want to utilize.

This type has three brightness options: spotlight, wide angle, or spotlight and wide angle combination. It is quite bright.

Additionally, you have the option of using both lights simultaneously or only one at a time, expanding your illumination options.

Do bear in mind that this lamp is extremely bright when both of its arms are on, so if you want to use it as a reading light without disturbing people, you probably want to use the light from only one arm instead of both.

The rechargeable nature of this book light is another fantastic feature. Therefore, you only need to plug it in when not in use, and it will always be ready to use!

If you’ve allowed the battery run low, it takes roughly 2.5 hours to fully recharge; once it is full, a small light will turn green. The book light can then be used for roughly 6 to 8 hours until another charge is required.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that this lamp only comes with a USB charging cord; a wall converter is not included. If not, you will need to purchase a wall adapter because you probably already have an extra adaptor lying around from a phone or other device.

However, overall, you’ll discover that using this LEDGLE Rechargeable Book Light is a great method to fulfill your nighttime reading craving!


4. LuminoLite Rechargeable Reading Light

The most frequently used type of light for reading in bed belongs to the following category: clip-on lights. And of all clip-on book lights, the LuminoLite Rechargeable Reading Light is one of the best!

Three different color temperature settings are available with this light: 6000K white light, 4200K mixed light, and 3000K warm light. You are guaranteed to find the color temperature that works best for you with such a wide variety of color temperatures available.

You’ll also discover that there are three distinct brightness levels for each mode, allowing you to control how much light the book light emits.

The light does a great job of illuminating the book pages, but not illuminating the entire room.

With the light set to its lowest brightness, you’ll discover that this rechargeable book light does a great job of lasting a long time between charges—up to 60–70 hours!

You can use the micro USB cord that is provided to charge this device with your computer, a power bank, or a USB wall adapter (not included).

This book light is especially great because it is portable and small enough to clip onto paperback books. Because of its flexible neck, you can simply adjust the light so that you may read your pages at the angle that is most comfortable for you.

This may be the best book light for reading in bed because of its many wonderful features. It’s also ideal for people who require dim settings to avoid disturbing other people in the room.


5. Vekkia BH-01 Rechargeable Clip On Book Light

The Vekkia BH-01 Clip On Book Light, one of the most unusual book lights on this list, is ideal for readers who want more light coverage over their pages.

This lamp, unlike all the others above, which only give one light head, really has two flexible arms with lights on the ends of each, which is why it works so well for this purpose.

This book light’s dual heads can illuminate two entire pages of your book, and you may position them separately to achieve the ideal reading lighting. It eliminates the need to adjust the brightness while reading.

This lamp provides a 3000K warm light, two brightness settings, and the option to turn on either one or both light heads, allowing you to choose the level of brightness you desire. You have a lot of control over how bright this light is thanks to all of these options.

This rechargeable light has a battery life of up to 20 hours and a micro USB cord that you can use to plug into devices like computers and USB wall adapters (not included). The light’s clip-on feature, meanwhile, is very good.

It has a soft pad that makes it easy to clip it to a book or any electronic device, like a computer, iPad, Kindle, etc.

The arms are really flexible, which is fantastic, and this lamp also comes with a one-year warranty. Overall, this is probably going to be the best book light you ever buy for reading at night!


6. Mighty Bright Clip On Rechargeable Book Light

Bookmark lights are a creative and fantastic choice when it comes to the best clip-on book lights for reading. The Mighty Bright Clip On Book Light is one of the best of this kind!

One of my favorite brightness characteristics I’ve ever seen in a book light is present in the Mighty Bright Book Light: continuous dimming!

This book light allows you to hold down the “on” button and the light will decrease or brighten until you release it when you discover the precise brightness level you want, as opposed to the step-down lighting mechanism of most other book lights.

For those of us who frequently wished we had greater control over the brightness of our book lights, this function is amazing! Sadly, there is just one color temperature available with this light.

However, this color temperature is 3000K, which is not generally considered to be the best for night reading (of course, depending on your vision and personal preferences, it may not be the best for you).

However, I don’t mind that this is the sole temperature that can be selected on this book light because I personally think it makes for a great reading hue.

This book light can run for up to 60 hours on one battery and is also rechargeable, which is fantastic. It should recharge completely in an hour if you need to! Although a micro USB charging cord is provided, you will either have to purchase a wall adapter or use it with another device.

The fact that the upper portion of the bookmark is flexible and adjustable and can be swiveled as needed to illuminate the page is another aspect of this light that I adore. The core of the bookmark is strong and robust.

You could discover that the lesser settings of this light do not completely illuminate the pages, depending on the size of the book you’re reading. But you can fix this by either turning up the light or just swiveling your neck to get to the section of the page you need!

The fact that this light is more expensive than the other lights on this list is another minor drawback, but it’s still around $25, so it’s not too bad. However, this light is definitely worth the extra money if you’re seeking something small and portable that won’t get in the way as you read.

If you’re searching for a really low-light alternative that won’t keep anyone else in the room awake, it is also worth it! This little light has a lot of characteristics that make it one of the best clip-on reading lights you’ll ever use, including a 1-year warranty, and is thin enough to use as a bookmark.


7. Raniaco LED Clip Reading Light

The Raniaco LED Reading Light is an additional headboard clip-on reading light that you might want to take into account. It’s a really popular choice and can be exactly what you need!

Although this book light has three brightness settings—low, medium, and high—it only has one color temperature. This color temperature, which is 6000K, is my least preferred because it is a very bright white. but if you prefer this color temperature, it can be a nice option for you (many people with issues reading in low light situations find this to be a helpful light).

Even though it’s a clip-on reading light for a headboard, this one stands out from others of its like since it can be recharged instead of using a wall outlet. It has a USB chord that is compatible with USB wall adapters, so you can use that (not included).

Depending on the brightness levels you select, it should fully charge in around four hours and last for up to 24 hours.

This reading light’s clip enables you to spread it out to over 2.4 inches in width, so you should be able to use it with a variety of flat surfaces. While you might be able to attach it to a book, generally speaking, using the clip in this manner will make it big, unwieldy, and in the way.

Although using it by fastening it to a nearby surface is a great alternative to using it with your book!

This book light’s bar-like light shape, as opposed to the ring and circular lights that many other headboard reading lights use, is another aspect that you might like. Additionally, you’ll appreciate how flexible the arm design is and how simple it is to set the light over your reading material.

Overall, this is a reliable and practical tool. If you don’t require numerous color temperatures or the 3000K eye-care light, you should definitely look into this light.


8. Vekkia Rechargeable Book Light

The Vekkia Rechargeable Book Light is another option to think about while looking for the finest reading light for bed. Similar to the LEDGLE light, this Vekkia book light is worn around the neck and may be utilized in a variety of settings, including reading in bed.

The new Vekkia model is ideal as it offers three temperatures: warm (3000K), mixed white (4200K), and white, in contrast to the earlier model’s three brightness settings but no color temperature adjustments (6500K).

With this useful night book light, you have a total of nine different light settings to choose from, three brightness levels for each of these temps. Additionally, you may decide whether to turn on both lights at once or only one to further dim or brighten the light as desired.

One of the best rechargeable book lights, this fantastic light allows you to save money by eliminating the need for batteries and replacing them with a simple recharge.

You can discover that the light lasts between 5 and 60 hours without needing to be recharged, depending on the light settings you employ.

There is a micro USB cable included, but you will need a USB wall converter to connect it to the power so it can charge.

These are often pretty comfortable to wear and the arms are incredibly flexible, allowing you to arrange them whatever you need to have the light beaming at the appropriate angle.

These lights can be a great alternative for individuals who don’t want to put a book light onto their book or find that clip-on lights make it difficult to turn the pages of their books!

The fact that this lamp is available in three colors—Black, Blue, and Pink—is also fantastic. This is ideal for those of us who just want nice color selections as well as for those who have families of readers who each want their own hue.

This is generally considered to be one of the best-LED reading lights available.


9. Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

The Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, another top-notch bed reading light, is the last neck reading light on this list. I adore how this type of reading light frees up your hands and leaves your book free of any objects that are clipped to the pages.

This light has three color temperature settings: warm white (4000K), cool white, and yellow (3000K) (6000K). Similar to the Vekkia neck light, this Glocusent model has a separate switch for the light on each arm and offers three brightness settings for each color temperature.

If you wish to use this light for tasks besides reading, like crafts or going for a run, it gives fantastic flexibility.

The only thing that truly makes this light unique from the Vekkia and the LEDGLE is that it needs a USB-C charging cord rather than a micro USB connector, even though it is rechargeable like the other two neck lights already mentioned.

That gives this one an advantage, in my opinion, because many phones also use a USB-C connector. For me, not having to carry or maintain an extra cable type on hand is a major bonus, so if you feel the same way, this Glocusent neck light might be the perfect option for you.

(Take note that this lamp only comes with a charging cord; you will need to either buy a wall converter or use one you already have.)

Depending on your settings and preferred level of brightness, you may get up to 80 hours of reading time out of this neck light before needing to recharge.

If you have a spouse who can’t sleep with bright lights on, this may also be the best option for you because the light’s beam is narrow enough to illuminate your book’s pages without waking up anybody else in the room.

A little padded piece for comfort on the side of the device that rests against your neck and an 18-month guarantee are other characteristics that distinguish this lamp from others. It doesn’t get much better than this when seeking for the greatest book reading light for bed!


10. Flexilight Cute Clip-On Bookmark Light

The Flexilight Cute Clip-On Bookmark Light, which is a fun light for kids (or for adults who enjoy cute things), is the last bookmark-like light on this list.

Even while it doesn’t have as many features as some of the lights on this list, it still compares favorably for its intended use and would be a sweet stocking stuffer for book lovers.

This light is really bright for being so straightforward and basic, and it basically just functions as a light-up bookmark. It is incredibly thin, only has one brightness level, and provides 8 lumens of light, making it the ideal bookmark for both adults and children.

These lights are also surprisingly adaptable and simple to position in a way that will illuminate the page wherever you need it to be. Unlike the other lights on this list, these flexilight bookmark lights are not rechargeable but instead require batteries.

They come with two batteries included, but if you plan to use this for a while, you should probably just go ahead and order more CR2016 batteries now to have on hand.

The flexilight bookmark lights are incredibly adorable and reasonably priced, making them ideal for anyone else who wants to indulge in nighttime reading.

While they aren’t the most sophisticated book lights and aren’t one I’d recommend to people looking for the dimmest light capabilities to prevent their partners from being annoyed by their nighttime reading habits.

They are also ideal for children who love to read or for children you want to persuade to start reading because these lights are entertaining and will make anyone smile.


11. Topelek Reading Light

The Topelek Reading Light is another wildly popular choice for clip-on book reading lights. It is really reasonably priced and has a ton of features that will make you a happy reader!

This Topelek book light offers three color temperatures between 3000K and 6500K, just as the LuminoLite model. There are three other brightness settings available as well.

To shift between color temperatures, long-press the button while pressing the button briefly. This lamp has an easy-to-use technology that is both straightforward and efficient.

Additionally, a micro USB charging connection for your computer or a USB wall converter is included with this light. Depending on your brightness settings, it only takes approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge, and you may use each charge for up to 60 hours!

The fact that this light has a battery indicator light that lets you know how much power is left before a charge is necessary, however, is one of its best charging features and what distinguishes it from all the other book lights on the market.

Instead of needing to merely estimate when you should plug it in, this great feature enables you to assess the appropriate time.

This light’s lightweight construction and adjustable collar make it easy for you to use it wherever you need it. If you wish to carry it with you while traveling or on the go, the neck is so flexible that it even allows you to fold it up!

Additionally, the silicone coating on the clamp for this light’s clip-on feature makes it soft enough not to damage the pages of any books you attach it to.

It also comes with a tiny bag that you can use to transport the book light, which is just another perk that elevates this light above average.

This incredible book light has enough features to please even the pickiest nocturnal readers, so try it out today!


12. Vekkia Bookmark Book Light

Another cutting-edge clip-on reading light for bed that you’re sure to adore is the Vekkia Bookmark Book Light.

There are many features that this light and the Mighty Bright bookmark light have in common, but there are also some significant distinctions that may make you prefer (or detest!) this light more.

This Vekkia light has a variety of color temperatures, including a 3000K one, unlike the Mighty Bright light. This is incredible! These color temperatures are referred to by Vekkia as “warm,” “white,” and “mixed,” and switching between them only requires pressing the button.

With a prolonged button press, this bookmark light dims continuously just like the Mighty Bright light does. This makes it easier for you to select the ideal brightness level.

When you’re finished reading for the evening, you can fold it flat to use it as a bookmark because it is compact and one of the best portable reading lights.

Although you can bend the bookmark vertically to angle the light on the page, there isn’t much you can do to shift this light from side to side.

Because of this, it isn’t nearly as flexible as would be ideal and is a little trickier to angle than other lights on this list.

The charging system, however, adds one more feature that makes this a standout book light and makes up for its lack of flexibility. This USB charger is effectively integrated inside the rechargeable book reading light!

Simply take off the bookmark’s clip to charge it using a wall adapter (not supplied) or your computer, eliminating the need to carry or utilize a USB charging wire.

Overall, this is a fantastic tiny reading light that is flexible in use and can even be clipped on to Kindle devices.

This could be a great book light for you if you’re seeking for a cheap rechargeable reading light that won’t distract you from your reading.


13. Vekkia Cute Rechargeable Book Light

The Vekkia Rechargeable Book Light may be the best option if you want a light that is both adorable and useful. This lamp is the ideal combination of cuteness and usefulness and is available in rose red, grey, and black.

Despite having only one color temperature (3000K), this Vekkia light does have three variable brightness settings that will allow you to find the ideal degree of brightness for reading without overly lighting the space.

The light settings of this reading light make it simple to illuminate the pages of your book, but they are also excellent for use when you don’t want to disturb anybody else in the room.

It takes about 2.5 hours for this rechargeable light to fully charge, after which you may use it for up to 40 hours of reading time.

The micro USB charging cord that comes with this lamp must only be plugged in for operation. But if you don’t already have a spare USB wall adapter lying around at home, make sure you buy one.

This book light’s lightweight design makes it simple to attach to any book, and the clip itself has foam padding to protect the pages from damage. This light’s neck is also simple to bend so you can get the ideal reading light angle!

This light is also covered by a one-year guarantee in case of any problems. With a one-year warranty, you may buy this product with confidence knowing that it is great to know in case you ever need it for anything. It’s a fantastic and adorable small book light that everyone will adore.


14. Dewenwils Rechargeable Book Reading Light

The Dewenwils Rechargeable Book Reading Light is an additional top-notch portable book light.

This light has a distinct variation of the bookmark-like design and is a wonderful choice for people who prefer to read in bed or who need a light to bring along when they travel because it folds up flat and is lightweight.

There is just a 3000K setting available for this light’s color temperature, whereas there are two brightness settings available.

Although it isn’t the most inventive, using it at full brightness or half brightness gets the job done. If you’re attempting to use it when someone is sleeping in the same room as you, it is a little on the bright side, but it shouldn’t be a problem otherwise. 

Even though this light isn’t flexible like the others on the list, it still features rotating portions that allow you to direct the light toward any area of the page.

To help brighten the page as needed, the light’s top can be moved up, down, and side to side after folding open. Compared to other lights on the market, it takes a different strategy, but it works really well, anyway.

One of the nicest features of this lamp is that there are no charging cables necessary; all you have to do to charge it is plug it into your computer or a USB wall adapter.

When empty, it should fully recharge in around 1.5 hours, and if you utilize the dimmer setting, it should last you at least 8 hours of reading or longer.

The clip’s ability to grip onto books of all shapes and sizes while remaining delicate enough to avoid damaging the pages is another wonderful feature.

The design of this lamp has one drawback, though: opening and setting the light makes a loud clicking noise, which might be bothersome if you’re trying to read quietly.

If you’re searching for a light that you can use covertly in a dark room without waking anyone up, this isn’t the greatest book light available in general.

If you don’t care about that, though, this is a useful small light with some unique characteristics that can come in handy.


15. Hoogalite Amber Clip-On Reading Light

The Hoogalite Amber Clip-On Reading Light is the final clip-on book light on this list, and it is also one of a kind.

The lowest color temperature of all the lights on this list is provided by this one, along with a few other neat characteristics that make it a great reading light all around.

The most distinguishing aspect of this reading light is its amber light, which is fantastic for suppressing the blue spectrum of light that can keep you up at night or result in other potential health or eye difficulties.

Other lights on this list have color temperature settings as low as 3000K, however, this light has a gorgeous 1600K setting! This can be an excellent option if you’re searching for a more golden and mellow light to utilize when reading.

This color temperature may be a touch too yellow for certain users’ liking, though.

The three brightness settings on this lamp are another feature that gives you some freedom in selecting the best setting for you.

Additionally, this rechargeable light provides up to 30 hours of reading time before requiring recharging with the supplied micro USB connector (note that a USB wall adapter is not included).

This light takes about four hours to fully charge, which is slower than many other lights.

This light also has a robust clamp for fastening onto your book and a flexible 7-inch arm that you can bend in whatever direction you need.

This book light is fantastic if you’re looking for the ideal balance between enough light so you can read comfortably and little enough light so you won’t disturb anyone while you read thanks to all these features and the soothing 1600K light!


16. Eyocean LED Reading Light

The last type of bedside reading lights are those that you attach to your headboard, nightstand, etc. rather than a book. And one of the greatest lights of this kind is the Eyocean LED Reading Light!

With a circular ring design, this light’s head is different from all the other lights on this list. Warm white, natural white, and bright white are the three lighting settings it offers between 3000K and 6500K, allowing you to select the color temperature that is most comfortable for you.

Additionally, each mode includes three brightness settings so you can change it as necessary.

Unlike the majority of the lights on this list, you must use this light when it is plugged in. The on/off and brightness adjustment buttons are located on a remote control that is attached to the charging wire.

The cord also plugs into a USB port, allowing you to charge the light from your computer or from a USB wall adapter like the one that is supplied with it.

The clip is very reliable and ideal for clamping to any flat surface that is less than 2.4 inches thick. Although it is intended to be clipped to a headboard or surface like a desk, you might possibly clip it to a book.

However, you’ll probably find the clip to be far too large for this use, so I don’t advise it.

The flexible, 15-inch-long neck provides you plenty of room to manipulate it so it shines beautifully on your page.

Obviously, you’ll want to keep in mind that this is intended to be placed directly next to you in bed, so if you don’t have the room to clip it anywhere close to where you sleep, this light probably isn’t a good option for you.

However, this lamp also has the good advantage of remembering your previous settings, so whatever color temperature, and brightness you selected should be primed and prepared for the next time you switch the light on.

The little blue light that turns on next to the power switch when the lamp is turned off is one aspect of this light that I truly don’t like, despite the fact that it has many other aspects.

Although this is designed to make it simple for you to identify the on/off button in the dark, it is bright and quite disruptive while attempting to fall asleep. Although you may always conceal it, you should be aware of this before making a purchase.

In general, this can be an excellent option if you’re seeking for a reading light for bed headboards. You’re likely to find this to be a great light for reading at night because it has enough color temperature and brightness settings to be ideal for a range of readers and scenarios!


It is possible to enjoy a good book without causing a strain on your eyes with these lights listed above. Check out our list of reading chairs and book holders.

We hope you found this article useful. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box!

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