Hopeful Poems

Hopeful Poems – 10 Poems to Encourage You to Not Give Up

Some Hopeful Poems should give you a Reason to be Positive. How can we find hope amid uncertainty, conflict, or loss? When we feel we have lost hope, we may find inspiration in the words and deeds of others.

In this careful selection of poems, hope takes many forms: an open road, an unturned page, a map to another world, an ark, an infant, or a long-lost glove that returns to its owner.

Using metaphors for hope seems appropriate, as the concept of hope is difficult to describe.

It is deeper than simple optimism and more mysterious, delicate, and elusive.

It is a feeling we must develop and cultivate, but like faith, it is also a state with which we are graced.

These poems speak to the importance of hope and resilience.

1. Title: “Hope”

Hope was but a timid friend;
She sat without the grated den,
Watching how my fate would tend,
Even as selfish-hearted men.

She was cruel in her fear;
Through the bars one dreary day,
I looked out to see her there,
And she turned her face away!

Like a false guard, false watch keeping,
Still, in strife, she whispered peace;
She would sing while I was weeping;
If I listened, she would cease.

Yet, within her elusive dance,
A flicker of a second chance.
Through the bars, a glimmer bright,
Hope lingers in the darkest night.

Hope - Hopeful Poems

2. Title: “Life is No Bed of Roses”

Life is no bed of roses,
For roses have thorns, you see,
But handling with care and balance
Will protect from injury.

All gardens have seasons of beauty,
Where the flowers of our living grow,
With colors and shapes aplenty,
Sweet fragrance to bestow.

Life’s flowers need careful tending,
For all life needs sun and rain,
And Love and Faith unending,
For Hope to flower again!

Tend to the garden with unwavering might,
In the dance of existence, find your own light.
Roses may have thorns, yet beauty prevails,
In life’s intricate design, our story unveils.

Hopeful Poems

3. Title: “Don’t Give Up”

The ladder of prayer is the way to the Lord,
It’s taken one step at a time.
Salvation is instant, but growing is not;
The way can be steep, hard to climb.

Instant solutions don’t often occur,
The lessons of life must be borne.
The purging fire that strengthens the soul
May leave you tattered and torn.

Your tears might flow, your heart distressed,
You feel you cannot hold on.
It’s then that prayer connects to the faith
When you felt that all hope was gone.

Don’t give up if you can’t see
His answer right away,
But trust the fact that God is there,
Alongside you every day.

Don't Give Up - Hopeful poems

4. Title: “Finding Hope”

I’ve always viewed life from the side lines,
Just watching it passing me by.
In the past, too afraid to just let go and live,
And lately too tired to try.

For most of my life I truly believed
I was here to help somebody else,
But now it’s so clear it was just an excuse.
To avoid living life for myself.

It’s true, people are disappointing,
They can turn in the blink of an eye,
But we can’t avoid hurting each other,
When we all want a chance at this life.

So the time has now come to conquer my fears
And to stand up and face a new day.
Let the hurts of my past wash away with my tears
And stop letting my life slip away.

Finding Hope - Hopeful Poems

5. Title: “Never Let Go of Hope”

In a moment yet to unfold,
You’ll witness the tapestry of dreams,
Everything converging,
A culmination of your heart’s schemes.

The desires that lingered,
Now stand fulfilled in reality.
Reflecting on the journey,
You’ll chuckle at life’s audacity.

You’ll ponder, “How did I endure?”
As you glance at the trials behind.
Hold on to hope steadfastly,
Dream ceaselessly, a beacon in your mind.

Never release the grip on hope,
Keep your dreams forever beaming.
And let love be the constant,
That, in your life, is always streaming.

Never Let Go of Hope - Hopeful Poems

6. Title: “In Good Time”

Life can seem an endless maze,
The twists and turns, lulls and delays,
But things always fall into place…
In good time.

Friends will sometimes go away.
Some may disappoint or others betray,
But new ones will come to stay…
In good time.

The hurt of getting something wrong,
And the lesson it often brings along
Are there, you see, to make you strong…
In good time.

Life can be tough, there’s no doubt,
But hope is the thing we can’t do without.
Right things with joy will come about…
In good time.

In Good Time - Hopeful Poems

7. Title: “Hope is the Thing With Feathers”

“Hope” is the thing with feathers,
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops – at all.

And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard,
And sore must be the storm,
That could abash the little Bird,
That kept so many warm.

I’ve heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest Sea,
Yet – never – in Extremity,
It asked a crumb – of me.

In the vast landscapes, where strange seas roar,
Hope’s melody echoes forevermore.
In moments extreme, it asks for naught,
A silent companion, in battles fought.

Hope is the Thing With Feathers - Hopeful Poems

8. Title: “Stay Alive”

When I look at you,
What I see
Is a girl who’s scared
Just to be

I’ve watched you struggle,
Seen you cry,
Stared at your face,
Hope no longer in your eye.

Don’t let them say
What they say.
You’re stronger than that,
At least I know, anyway.

It’s going to be hard.
Just don’t give up.
I’ve seen miracles
Very close up.

Stay Alive - Hopeful Poems

9. Title: “Spring Morning”

Star and coronal and bell
April underfoot renews,
And the hope of man as well
Flowers among the morning dews.

Now the old come out to look,
Winter past and winter’s pains,
How the sky in pool and brook
Glitters on the grassy plains.

Easily the gentle air
Wafts the turning season on;
Things to comfort them are there,
Though ’tis true the best are gone.

Yet in nature’s waltz, a subtle grace,
Time unveils its ever-changing face.
For in each bloom and rustling breeze,
Hope whispers of eternal ease.

Spring Morning - Hopeful Poems

10. Title: “Psalm 150”

Some folks fool themselves into believing,
But I know what I know once, at the height
Of hopeless touching, my man and I hold
Our breaths, certain we can stop time or maybe

Eliminate it from our lives, which are shorter
Since we learned to make love for each other
Rather than doing it to each other. As for praise
And worship, I prefer the latter. Only memory

Makes us kneel, silent and still. Hear me?
Thunder scares. Lightning lets us see. Then,
Heads covered, we wait for rain. Dear Lord,
Let me watch for his arrival and hang my head

In the sanctuary of love, where time unfolds,
And every moment, a story to be told.
For in the quiet devotion of each shared breath,
We find eternity, transcending life and death.

Psalm 150 - Hopeful Poems

Where there is Life, There is Hope, These word is a general statement in the world today. And the intriguing thing is. IT’S TRUE.

As far as we are living we should always Hope, Hope for the best, Hope for blessings, Good health, and Good Luck.

Anything can happen at any time so we should be hopeful and positive.

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