Famous Poetry about Abuse – 12 Poems about Maltreatment and Bully

Abuse poems are among the rarest poems you can think of. Here on this spot, I will give some selected poems filled with inspiration about abuse. 

These poems shows a clear example of the challenges, difficulties, and experiences people face day by day. These are poems written by famous poets and are filled with emotions.

As we read through these poems, they will serve as a guide and give us a better understanding of the situations faced by fellow humans in their daily lives, and also how they keep enduring their condition.

So, let’s handle them with sympathy, care and compassion.

1. Title: “I Am Fully Alive”

For many years, I lived cold and detached,
Dreams of love and warmth forever unmatched.
Abused, enduring trauma’s relentless weight,
A home filled with drama’s unrelenting spate.

Six years of healing, now I’m free,
Embracing life with newfound glee.
In love with health, my home, and friends,
Yet with my past, amends to make amends.

I feel deeply, emotions run strong,
Crying at wrongs, rejoicing lifelong.
Joy in nature, a hike’s sweet adventure,
Fully alive, my heart’s resilient tenure.

Tea sipped brings joy, each bite a delight,
Happily jumping on the trampoline’s height.
Kayaking, beavers, rivers close and dear,
Leisure’s value, crystal clear.

I Am Fully Alive - Famous Poetry about Abuse

2. Title: “Desires Lost in the Rain”

In the rain, alone I sit,
Watching drops dance, a silent pit.
Reaching for your hand in vain,
Solitude embraced, escaping like the rain.

Compassion, a wish unmet,
Standing by your side, a dream to beget.
Fields of passion you chose to roam,
Leaving my heart in silence to comb.

Longing to trust, a heartfelt plea,
Yet lust taints what could be.
Yearning for warmth, a touch anew,
Cuddled in night’s embrace, morning dew.

Close, but not a must, torn we stand,
Desires lost in endless sand.
Should I weep before I wake,
Or mend a heart, another to forsake?

Desires Lost in the Rain - Famous Poetry about Abuse

3. Title: “Cycles of Pain”

In bitter rage, consumed by my past,
Unleashing fists that I can’t hold fast.
A puppet to my father’s haunting grin,
Inflicting pain I can’t believe within.

His ghost resides, smirking in my strife,
A circle of violence that engulfs my life.
Slapping, growling, like a beast set free,
Inheritors of pain, a dark legacy.

A silent plea echoes within my mind,
Breaking the chain, a desperate bind.
Yet, the cycle persists, a tragic score,
My son, his son, and so much more.

Remorse floods as the storm subsides,
I reach out gently as the shame abides.
In the aftermath, as tears softly fall,
I cling to hope, though love feels small.

Cycles of Pain - Famous Poetry about Abuse

4. Title: “The Truth”

In shadows deep, I face the echoes,
Regular beats, my heart encased in scars.
Not from a metal pole’s heavy blows,
But the brutal force of my mother’s words.

A dance of flame and fragile spark,
I tread with care, fearing the ignite.
Her blows descend on my wounded heart,
Caging scars, a relentless, haunting fight.

Around my wounds, I tiptoe in dread,
Scared to live amid the reopened pain.
As strangers brandish their words like lead,
My scars deepen, revisiting the past’s disdain.

A history filled with anything but love,
I strive to recall warmth, kindness, and light.
Yet, the past unfolds, a relentless shove,
As heavy metal poles strike in the night.

The Truth - Famous Poetry about Abuse

5. Title: “How Can I Make Amends?”

I’m not angered by you, my dear,
To keep hate at bay, I make it clear.
My life’s path hasn’t been kind,
Seeking peace within my troubled mind.

Self-loathing, a futile pursuit,
Wishing I could change, bearing the weight.
Suppressing anger, avoiding the aftermath,
Internally, a struggle, a mental bloodbath.

How can I mend this fractured bond?
Not fleeing, but seeking to respond.
Resentment echoes in my mind’s domain,
Directed at the one who caused the pain.

The thief who stole my innocence,
Lives on in memories, ever-present.
To eradicate them, I must strive,
In my mind, ensure they don’t revive.

How Can I Make Amends? - Famous Poetry about Abuse

6. Title: “Silent Agony”

Pursuing me with showers of false affection,
Time elapses, behavior takes a dark direction.
The lies accumulate, a growing sea,
Yelling without reason, a constant plea.

In public, you wear a deceptive mask,
Sweetness displayed, a challenging task.
Neglecting my feelings, hurling names in the air,
Shifting blame, a burden I bear.

Left shattered by your unkind demeanor,
Strength wanes, self-esteem grows leaner.
Bullied by threats, my name at stake,
Behind my smile, the real me aches.

Slowly unraveling, a sense of despair,
Praying each day for release from this snare.
Under the weight of pain and disdain,
Yearning for freedom, to break this chain.

Silent Agony - Famous Poetry about Abuse

7. Title: “Resilience Unveiled”

Eagerly chasing affection, your demeanor shifted,
Over time, a torrent of lies swiftly drifted.
Yelling at shadows, uncertain of the offense,
A façade in public, a sweet pretense.

Neglect cloaked in blame, names flung with disdain,
Every fault assigned, adding to my pain.
Left shattered by your cruelty,
Strength and esteem drained completely.

Bullied by threats, my name in jeopardy,
Behind my smile, a hidden misery.
Slowly unraveling, feeling mentally strained,
Daily prayers for liberation from this emotional chain.

Underneath the facade, a soul tattered and worn,
Enduring the storm, a spirit forlorn.
Yet, within the darkness, a flicker of hope,
A resilience awakening, helping me cope.

Resilience Unveiled - Famous Poetry about Abuse

8. Title: “Hiding in Smiles”

I wear this smile, though inside I reel,
Concealing the truth I’m desperate to conceal.
Behind closed doors, the struggle is real,
A silent battle I’m forced to deal.

Pretend the pain is just a passing phase,
But deep within, a stormy haze.
Hide the hurt behind a cheerful gaze,
In the masquerade, my soul betrays.

Run from the torment, elusive and sly,
Yet in solitude, the tears multiply.
Don’t let it find me, I silently cry,
As the shadows of agony loom nigh.

More problems may come, an unending tide,
Yet within, the pain I try to hide.
Let the mask be my shield and guide,
A facade to protect what’s left inside.

Hiding in Smiles - Famous Poetry about Abuse

9. Title: “Love’s Unyielding Chains

Hair yanked, face bears a violent trace,
A kick that sends me to the floor’s embrace.
In love’s grip, my strength is stripped away,
I can’t find the will to walk away.

Blood stains my face, pain is all I feel,
Crying out, wounds that time won’t heal.
His anger unleashed, a consequence I face,
Yearning for the reason behind this cruel case.

In the aftermath, my heart clings tight,
Resisting the urge to take my flight.
Leaving him hurts too much to try,
Caught in a cycle, wondering why.

A life defined by his volatile whims,
Yet, my heart refuses to sever its hymns.
Apologies uttered, tears begin to flow,
A fleeting peace, a transient shadow.

Love's Unyielding Chains - Famous Poetry about Abuse

10. Title: “Echoes of Destruction”

In shadows deep, the hunter lies in wait,
While I, in waking hours, endure my fate.
Longing for respite, a whisper to break,
His loaded tongue, a cold and deadly stake.

His reasons masked, a bow drawn tight,
Late at night, his bullets strike with might.
A heartbeat sought, a yearning sound,
His target, life, in darkness bound.

Confidence soars with every uttered word,
In veins, destruction’s song is heard.
Digging graves in noise-filled brains,
Death surrounds when his voice remains.

In darkness deep, where voices sleep,
His words, a symphony of shadows creep.
A hunter’s tale, of pain and strife,
An echo of destruction in every life.

Echoes of Destruction - Famous Poetry about Abuse

11. Title: “Fragments of a Broken Home”

Dishes left late, food on the plate,
Mom’s anger grows, Dad comes home late.
Alone in a corner, tears streaming down,
Wishing to escape this home, so profound.

Bruises on my face, thrashes on my back,
A living hell, a constant attack.
No bed, just a cold, hard floor,
Raggedy clothes, cold feet, nothing more.

Incomplete laundry, no dinner tonight,
Family eats, my hunger in plain sight.
Daddy’s mean, yelling cruel things at me,
Promising hell, from his rage I can’t flee.

Mom stays silent, not a word to say,
Forbidden to move when I fall away.
Living in sadness, my everyday quest,
A test of survival, a life not the best.

Fragments of a Broken Home - Famous Poetry about Abuse

12. Title: “Echoes of Torment”

His belt hung, a haunting presence on the wall,
In the backroom, where torment held its thrall.
Mom’s futile attempts to intervene,
The door slammed, click, a chilling scene.

Leather against my skin, cold sweats persist,
Cries echoing, like dogs in anguish insist.
Professing love, but actions speak otherwise,
Ugly behavior, pinning me with cruel ties.

Hiding in the corner, weeping in pain,
Begging for release from this relentless strain.
911 calls, a slender officer’s arrival,
Badge on his shirt, hope’s faint survival.

Children clinging, silent witnesses to strife,
Imagining rescue from this shattered life.
Deserving to shake, like a fence in the wind,
In the echoes of abuse, where nightmares begin.

Echoes of Torment - Famous Poetry about Abuse

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