20 Healing You Hurting Me Poems
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20 Healing You Hurting Me Poems for Love that Hurts

20 Healing You Hurting Me Poems for Love that Hurts.

20 Healing You Hurting Me Poems – You often find yourself expressing your joy and delight through the medium of songs and poems when you fall in love with someone.

Music and literature make it easy for us to say what we can’t manage to express through simple words sometimes.

20 Healing You Hurting Me PoemsSimilarly, after a sour relationship that leaves us broken and dejected, when we’re going through a bad phase,’ Healing You Hurting Me Poems‘ can serve as a good medium to help us express our feelings.

1. Heart of mine

Why won’t you let me fall in love .
Oh heart of mine
Why don’t you trust ,
Why don’t you believe ,
That some one’s there for all of us.
Damn can’t you see,
I’m Tired of the fun and games
That sinful joy we get from lust.
They’re not just tears
It’s more like pain,
That starts within
Eyes bleed when it rains.
And my biggest fear
You’ll Hurt me , hurt me
You know I’ll never strike back
Jump, and dance to the beat
Of the music I cant hear
Stop the commotion
Show me another emotion
Cause it’s never to late
To let go of the hate
I want the long nights of talking
The topics worth remembering
Dates and anniversaries
What I’m tryna say
Damn can’t you see
Oh greedy me
I want it all.
Oh heart of mine
Why can’t I fall in love.

by JR

2. When I Needed You

Lost and lonely
Wandered far away from the happy place
No place of solace
Non to comfort me on such a dark day as this

You are the reason for my misery
The reason I shed these many tears
My eyes are weary
No one to dry these tears

Flow! Flow!
Till there is no more to shed
Maybe it is the only cure I need
to wash away this hurtful memories
that hunt me night and day.

Slowly, down the hill
Beneath, deeper still
Can’t stop now
not when the wheels won’t slow down.

Drenched in the rain
Can’t stop the pain
Chest locks tight
This still dark night

Lonely and burned
I needed you to pull me out
Save me from me I moaned
but, my cries were empty and far out.

You were so oblivious to my call for help
You didn’t see me drowning
You didn’t see my tears Even the moon hid in fear

If you had Pause awhile,
Looked deep within,
Let your heart
Hear my heart speak

You would have
Heard the Whisper of loved one forlorn
Longing for a touch from one held dear.

by sleek_amity

3. Incomplete Forever

it was a picture…
a picture which was my reason to live
that picture was a day of my life
that day, when you came to see me
it had so many pieces..
when they were joined together
it made that picture complete
like a bus stop, church, beach
bus stop, coin box, ice cream
journey by bus, finally my home
mom, dad, grandma, that beautiful night
it had a piece, a most precious one
when i had lunch with you
that moment was so precious
not only that..each and every moment
i never thought that you would share
such a moment with someone other
coz i have never allowed anyone
to share any same moment like the one
the one which i had with you..
i lost a piece of my picture
i lost a piece of my love
i lost a piece of my life
its now incomplete forever
coz i would never ever love to
remember that..

by anitta

4. My soul mate

The time after we break up
i just love,
now i know
how much i love you.
The time after we break up
i just love,
now i know
what makes me incomplete.
The time after we break up
i just love,
now i know
memories do hurt.

by arjun

5. Spark In The Dark

Just take a knife, just stab and twist
Please, please do it, it would be less pain than this
I’d rather take a drug a shot or a pill
I’ll take anything now, as long as it’ll kill
My hearts gotten so dark and now it’s a stone
no more loving, I just want to be alone
This demented darkness is where I now reside
There’s no escaping it, there’s nowhere to hide
I trusted you with everything and it turned out like this
You pushed me over the edge, now I’ve fallen into the abyss
A place that is dark, so desolate and cold
There’s nothing here but ashes of my memories to hold
Memories that used to be joyous, filed with light
Now come with the darkness, tears, and the fright
My trust has died, my will has fled
This has hurt me more, than you could ever comprehend
You’ve filled me with this poison, like a deadly adder
I wish I could forget, act like it doesn’t matter
Forget and be free of this state
I cannot accept this as my fate
When I encourage myself to stand proud and tall
Your twisted demons surround me and make me fall
deeper and deeper into this tragedy
I struggle to grab on to the last piece of my sanity
I continue to rise and climb up to get away from here
To the promising light beckons me near
I’m climbing up and out of this dark pit
There is a spark keeping the candle of hope lit
The light is shining down, like a hand stretched to me
I grab a hold and it sets me free
I bathe in the light with a lingering shadow
I will walk into the promise of a new tomorrow.

by Direwolfgirl

6. What Now

Why won’t you let me express myself
why won’t you let me breath
why do you smother me
why won’t you stop
why are you doing this you woman beater
you finally show your true colors
i feel like your laughing at me
from the glass of a two sided mirror
as you plan to destroy me
what now
what do i do
i love him
he hurts me physically, mentally, and emotionally
i spend every hour feeling hurt wanting to cry
what now
i don’t know where to go
i don’t know what to feel
i don’t know how to cry
i don’t know why so
what now ?

by anitta

7. My Heart, Your Knife

“If I wake you from this dream would your scars be healed?  
If I heal your scars would they stop bleeding?
If I heal your scars what stories would you have left to tell.
Would you tell a story of darkness? Or a story of happiness?

You trusted me and I let you down!
Over and over I lied to you about my stories, about my life!
Over and over again you trusted me and in return I stabbed your heart.”
It was my heart, your knife, my pain, my scars.

You say that you are sorry but I always knew that was never true!
I trusted you! I trusted you with my life! And in return you stab my heart!
After the damage is done you say that you’re sorry but I know that’s a lie!
You ask for forgiveness as if its easy to forgive.

If I tell you that’s it’s all over would you beg on your knees until I forgive?
Or until you have nothing left to give? Would you offer your life?
Would you offer your soul? Even though I am very mad at what you did
I can never take your soul and claim it as my own. I will never did what you did!
I will never leave you in the darkness to die! And I will never stab your heart!!
And I will never trust you again!!

by Ashley

8. you hurt like the alphabet

you hurt like ache
and adderall
and arnica
you hurt like bruises
and battle scars
and broken bones
you hurt like death
and destruction
and die-hard
you hurt like electricity
and emergency rooms
and edit-undo

by Abby

9. Hurt

It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her

It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her

It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her

It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her
It hurt when I looked at her

by Sam Stone Grenier

10. Don’t hurt me

don’t hurt me
my heart is so fragile
don’t hurt me
they say time is the only healer
don’t hurt me
cause these scars still hurt so much
don’t hurt me
cause I need to heal
don’t hurt me
cause I can’t make these memories disappear
don’t hurt me
cause I need some love
don’t hurt me
cause I’m so lonely
don’t hurt me
please I thought you cared
don’t hurt me
I guess you don’t
don’t hurt me
just my luck I got burned again
don’t hurt me
this happens every time
don’t hurt me
I wish I could find someone
don’t hurt me
I loved you so

by Melanie Jackson20 Healing You Hurting Me Poems

11. love and hurt

In the land of love and hurt
Life holds no reason for what we gain

The love of hurt
The hurt of love
They come in a pair
So please beware

We hurt the ones we love
We love the ones we hurt
We execute our hurt for love
yet Surrender our love for hurt

We try to sweep our hurt under the door
yet,We let our love fall between the cracks

by DC raw love

12. Hurt Me

Hurt me.
Oh, hurt me!
I’m more than worthy.
Look at all that I have done.
I am the smoking gun.
Save me.
Oh, wake me.
I’m trapped in a dream.
I’m falling down,
But, no, I cannot scream.
Hurt me.
Oh, hurt me
Right in the heart!
Where the scars won’t show.
Promise I won’t tell a soul;
Nobody has to know.
I hate this part.
When the lights are all out,
And the fear comes alive
In the midst of the night.
There’s no forgiveness for what I’ve done.
I try to run from who I once was.
But the shadow of me is fast on my feet.
Hurt me,
Like I did you that day
Make me feel the pain.
Ain’t that what you wanted?
Here is your moment,
Oh, hurt me.
I’m more than deserving,
Look at all that I’ve done wrong.
The sun doesn’t shine where I’ve gone.
Hurt me,
Right in the heart.
Where nobody dares to go.
Promise I won’t tell a soul.
Nobody has to know.
Oh, hurt me.

by John-Chris Ward

13. I Feel So Lost

I’m not sure when it started or why it is so strong.
On the outside, I seem happy. No one thinks anything’s wrong.
But on the inside, I am dying, screaming for someone to see
That the happy smile and carefree laugh is not the real me.
I’ve never been happy, not that I can recall.
Between the world and myself, I’ve built up a wall.
I don’t know why I’m like this; it makes no sense to me.
I actually come from a very close and loving family.
But even they have no idea of the hell I endure.
They think I’m happy and normal; of this I am sure.
I can’t take it much longer; I can’t live like this!
I want to feel truly happy; that is my biggest wish.
I need help, but who will help me? Who could comprehend?
Is there anyone out there who can help bring this to an end?
Or am I simply trapped, a prisoner of despair?
Am I really all alone? Is there no hope for me out there?
I’m so lost; please help me! I can’t do this alone!
I need someone in my corner, a friend to call my own.
Please help me.

by Alexsys

14. Nobody Knows

Nobody knows it’s empty,
The smile that I wear.
The real one is left behind in the past
Because I left you there.

Nobody knows I am crying.
They won’t even see my tears.
When they think I am laughing,
I wish you were here.

Nobody knows it’s painful.
They think that I am strong.
They say it won’t kill me,
But I wonder if they are wrong.

Nobody knows I miss you.
They think I am all set free,
But I feel like I am bound with chains,
Trapped in the mystery.

by Azumi Zaima

15. Broken

I am broken,
But nobody picks up the pieces.
I’m falling,
But nobody catches me.
I’m in the dark,
But nobody brings me a light.
I’m alone,
But nobody is there to change that.
I need to be saved,
But nobody is there to save me.
Will you be the one to change that?
Will you save me from myself?
Bring me a light in the dark?
Catch me when I’m falling?
Pick up the pieces of me that everybody has left behind?
Prove to me that I’m not alone?
Will you save me?!?

by Alexandria Satterley

16. Living Again

Running, running
far away.
Escaping dreams
of yesterday.
Faster, faster
there I go.
Forgetting things
you’ll never know.
Dying, dying
deep inside.
Find a place
for me to hide.
Catching, catching
up with me.
No more running
from reality.
Stopping, stopping
let me cry.
Finding a way
to say goodbye.

by Tina Manning Harding

17. Forget

I wish I could forget…
Forget all the tears and pain,
Forget all the hurt and shame,
Forget all the things of my past,
Because like most, they didn’t last.
Forget the memories of your face.
It’s wrapped around my heart like intricate lace.
Forget all the times you made me mad,
But I would have to forget all the fun we had.
I want to forget the joy you made me feel,
The joy that, to me, felt so real.
I want to forget the grip you had on my heart,
A grip so tight that it broke us apart.
I want to forget the tears that I still cry,
Because I see you in their eyes.

I want to forget everything about you.
I don’t want to have a clue.
I want to forget everything in my past,
Because if I don’t,
I know my future will pass.

by Jennafer Nolan

18. Tears Of A Broken Heart

I have given all my love to you, but what do I get in return?
A broken heart. I have given you my heart,
and you stomp on it like a doormat.
I have given you my youth and you took advantage
of my un-experienced heart and played with my emotions.
I gave you all the trust, but you misused it.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and you proved everyone right.
I gave you my life and you killed me day by day.
I want to pull my aching heart and tear it piece by piece so I no longer love you.
I want to lose my memory so I no longer think of you.
I want to go so far so I no longer have to see you.
I want to cry, but I no longer have any more tears to fall down
my sad, lonely face.
I want to sleep, but my dreams haunt me with you in them.
I can’t seem to find a way out. What do I do?
I don’t want anyone to see this, not even you.
How do I get out of this?
How do I stop this misery? How do solve this mystery?
I can’t seem to find anyone to make me feel the way you do,
The way you look at me,
The way you say my name,
The sound of your voice when you tell me that you care.

I love you so much I think I’m going to die from this pain that haunts day and night.
How can I forget you? If the only love I know is you.
How can I move on? If life is not the same without you.
I want to break free and move on, but I think I’ll be doing something wrong.
I just have to close my eyes and let things fly and let the days pass me by.

by Bianca Santamaria

19. You Love Her

I love you, but you love her.
I still remember what we were.
I still cherish what we used to be.
I still remember when you loved me.

I need you, but you need her.
She’s the one you prefer.
She’s the one you hold dear.
She’s the one I wish would disappear.

I want you, but you want her.
Can’t believe you’re with another.
Can’t believe we are through.
Can’t believe you’ve found someone new.

Now that all is said,
Now that all is done,
You’re with her instead.
Good for her, she’s won.

by Lauren

20. Drowning

They come in waves,
my feelings for you.
And not pretty whitecaps
dancing at my feet.
But when I least expect it.
When life seems to be
a quiet stream of continuity.
They come to disrupt.
So forceful they pull me under,
so that I am drowning and once again,
can’t catch my breath.

by Amy O Connor20 Healing You Hurting Me Poems

20 Healing You Hurting Me Poems – There are also feelings of hurt in a romantic relationship. We have some of our partner’s aspirations, and we are likely to feel a sense of betrayal when they do not live up to them.

The reality is that we could remember that our lover wasn’t even aware of the expectations we had for them if we put our hurt aside for a moment.

These standards are probably a carryover of the illusions we have of how an ideal lover acts in our heart. Having these goals is OK. Nonetheless, if we specify

Dailtimespoems – 20 Healing You Hurting Me Poems

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