Healing You Hurting Me Poems
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Healing You Hurting Me Poems – 20 Poems for Pain and Relief

The “Healing You, Hurting Me” poems are like stories written with words. They talk about how love can make us happy and sad, and how sometimes it can hurt us. These poems also tell us how, even when love hurts, it can help us become better and stronger.

Sometimes, they talk about feeling sad because of love, and other times, they talk about feeling better. The poems are like a journey through our feelings and experiences, exploring what it’s like to love and sometimes lose.

1. Title: “Rebirth Through Healing”

I’ll let go of the pain, find strength within,
Embrace the lessons learned, let new days begin,
For though your actions hurt, I won’t be confined,
In time, I’ll heal and leave the past behind.

I’ll mend my wounded heart, piece by piece,
With each day that passes, I’ll find sweet release,
No longer held captive by memories that bind,
In time, I’ll heal and leave the past behind.

Scars you left will fade, like footprints in the sand,
I’ll walk a new path, let go of your hand,
Though it’s hard to imagine, I’ll find peace of mind,
In time, I’ll heal and leave the past behind.

In the quiet moments, when the pain is less,
I’ll discover the strength to overcome the distress,
The hurt you caused will no longer define,
In time, I’ll heal and leave the past behind.

Rebirth Through Healing - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

2. Title: “I’ll Heal Your Pain”

A way to soothe your aches and pain,
To end the tears, break the chain,
I have a balm, it’s here for you,
To bring some calm, it’s what I’ll do.

Your suffering, we’ll put to rest,
No more bluffs, no more tests,
A smile will grace your lovely face,
A better place, a warm embrace.

Your wounds will heal, your scars will fade,
Don’t despair, don’t be afraid,
These soothing words I offer you,
Will make you feel strong, like morning dew.

A mixture of emotions pure,
A gentle, loving, heartfelt cure,
I’ll wrap it in a poem’s grace,
To help your heart find a better place.

I'll Heal Your Pain - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

3. Title: “Pain, Pain Go Away”

Pain, pain, please subside,
Don’t return with each high tide.
Tears cascade down my face so true,
Longing for the warmth of his love anew.

I question if he still cares,
And if our bond’s beyond repairs.
How did we drift so far apart,
Breaking my heart like a shattered art?

My dreams of happiness remain askew,
Leaving me feeling down and blue.
But I won’t cease loving, that’s for sure,
I’ll find strength and a love that’s pure.

You’ll stay within my heart’s embrace,
Though distance separates us in this space.
Someday, that warmth will once again play,
And my tears will cease, pain, go away.

Pain, Pain Go Away - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

4. Title: “Hurting”

In bed, eyes won’t close, unrest within me,
Tumultuous thoughts, anger set free.
Images of you taint my mind’s grace,
Unanswered questions in this vast empty space.

Bewildered by why, love’s false refrain,
You professed devotion, yet caused me pain.
My love was abundant, but failed to suffice,
You broke my heart as a misguided sacrifice.

I can’t fathom your motive in this cruel dance,
Pushing me around, relishing my circumstance.
Does it embolden you, grant a sense of might?
What did I do wrong, why did you take flight?

You tore apart my soul, a shattering toll,
Leaving a void, an abyss in my soul.
Emptiness reigns, and darkness takes its place,
My heart vanished, leaving no trace.

Hurting - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

5. Title: “Love’s Unyielding Torment”

The worst pain that I’ve seen,
Stuck in love where hope’s just a dream,
For someone who can never redeem.
The worst pain that I’ve seen.

My heart aches, the depths of despair,
He too wishes for a love affair,
Him and me, a bond so rare.
The worst pain that I’ve seen.

He possesses the traits, you see,
Everything I yearn for endlessly.
I strive to move on constantly.
The worst pain that I’ve seen.

Each day’s a cycle of sameness, it’s true,
Smiles masking what I’m going through,
Hoping for a future that’s brand new.
The worst pain that I’ve seen.

Love's Unyielding Torment - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

6. Title: “Love’s Bitter Deceit”

You speak in falsehood, actions untrue,
Claiming my heart, then letting it undo.
Tears unveil my concealed agony,
No longer hidden, for the world to see.

In these moments, reality fades away,
Unwanted feelings, your lies portray.
Shame engulfs me for trusting your guise,
Truth dissolves like dust under the skies.

My heart, shattered, in pieces it lies,
Tears like crimson rain from my eyes.
Your words, they crawled upon my skin,
Doubt seeping in, disbelief within.

My heart pulses as I raise my head,
Exploring where no one else dared to tread.
Deep in your eyes, the source of your deceit,
Though false, my love remains complete.

Love's Bitter Deceit - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

7. Title: “Echoes of Someday”

Someday you’ll weep for me,
Like tears I shed for you,
Someday you’ll yearn for me,
As my heart once ached for you.

Someday you’ll miss my warmth,
And my love you’ll wish to hold,
But by then, I’ll have moved on,
Your memory growing faint and cold.

In the quiet hours of the night,
You’ll grasp the pain I once knew,
Someday you’ll understand my plight,
The heartache I endured, it’s true.

Someday, our paths may cross once more,
But my heart will have found its way,
For in the story of love and loss,
I’ve learned to embrace a brand new day.

Echoes of Someday - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

8. Title: “The Hidden Pain”

Nobody knows it’s empty,
The smile that I wear.
The real one is left behind in the past,
Because I left you there.

Nobody knows I am crying,
They won’t even see my tears.
When they think I am laughing,
I wish you were here.

Nobody knows it’s painful,
They think that I am strong.
They say it won’t kill me,
But I wonder if they are wrong.

Nobody knows I miss you,
They think I am all set free,
But I feel like I am bound with chains,
Trapped in the mystery.

The Hidden pain - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

9. Title: “Painful Glance”

It pained me to gaze upon her face,
Each glance a torment, a lingering trace,
A love that faltered, a heart that broke,
In every look, the pain bespoke.

I couldn’t bear the sight of her,
The hurt ran deep, a cruel stir,
With every glance, I felt the sting,
A shattered love, a broken wing.

Her image haunted me day and night,
A constant ache, a painful sight,
The memories of our love so dear,
Now a source of anguish, crystal clear.

Though we once shared a love so true,
Now each look brought nothing but rue,
A love now lost, a painful scar,
It hurt to see her from afar.

painful Glance - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

10. Title: “Unconditionally Loving You”

This pain, it gnaws at my soul,
But my love for you, it remains whole.
Through trials and emotions unbound,
I find solace in love that’s truly profound.

A heart pumping, life’s current flowing,
Pain’s grip might keep me down, but I keep going.
If pain departs and love takes its place,
What would life be, this uncharted space?

Would there be a void where pain once resided,
Or would love fill a space we had divided?
Unconditional love, a double-edged sword,
A devotion that can’t be ignored.

Am I deceiving myself, or is it real?
Is your love for me a hidden seal?
But I unconditionally, passionately adore you,
In this love and pain, truth I find.

Unconditionally Loving You - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

11. Title: “Love and Hurt”

In the realm where love and pain reside,
Life offers no clear path, no easy stride.
The love entwined with hurt’s embrace,
In this complex dance, we find our place.

We often hurt the ones we deeply care,
Yet love and pain, a pair we’re bound to bear.
Our actions and intentions intertwined,
In love, sometimes, our hearts are maligned.

We strive to hide our hurt from the view,
Yet love slips through, no matter what we do.
Our love and hurt, forever intertwined,
In this intricate dance, our hearts are defined.

In the tapestry of love and pain, we find,
A truth that’s etched in every heart and mind.
Embracing both, we navigate this earthly track,
In this paradoxical journey, there’s no turning back.

Love and Hurt - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

12. Title: “Love’s Endless Struggle”

Sometimes I regret, but I’ll try to forget,
I need to move on from pains you put me through.
You tugged at the strings of my heart,
I fell for you right from the start.

I tell myself I hate you; I pretend I’ve moved on,
But when I see you, those thoughts are gone.
Do I still love you? I truly do not know,
No matter how hard I try, I can’t let you go.

Should I live without you and seek someone new?
Choices bear consequences; I’m unsure.
Either way, I know I’ll end up hurt,
Tired of you treating me like dirt.

It’s hard to admit I’ll always love you,
No matter how hard I try, there’s nothing I can do.
Sometimes you’re bad, and sometimes you’re good,
But in the end, I did the best I could.

Love's Endless Struggle - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

13. Title: “The Worst Pain Known”

In agony, I’ve come to see,
The pain of love that couldn’t be,
For someone who’ll never be free,
The worst pain known to me.

My heart’s heavy, longing continuously,
He’s the one I wish I could be,
But we’re trapped in a painful decree,
The worst pain known to me.

He possesses qualities abundantly,
All I want, he embodies perfectly,
I strive to forget, seeking remedy,
The worst pain known to me.

Each day’s a test, living routinely,
Wearing a mask of false gaiety,
Hoping one day, I’ll be set free,
The worst pain known to me.

The Worst Pain Known - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

14. Title: “Pain’s Painted Verses”

Tell me where it pains you,
I’ll paint the feelings in words so true.
In darkness, I find my own light,
Surviving each night’s endless fight.

The wounds may cut deep and steep,
But I’m here to listen, to keep.
I’ve weathered each break of the past,
These scars, my own stories amassed.

I wear my emotions, an open heart,
A survivor of pain from the start.
Just guide me where it hurts, dear friend,
With verses of solace, I’ll extend.

Your pain is not a burden to bear,
Together, we’ll find solace in shared despair.
In every heartache and tear that falls,
We’ll uncover strength within these walls.

Pain's Painted Verses - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

15. Title: “The Hardest Thing I’ll Ever Do”

The toughest task, I must pursue,
Releasing you, bidding adieu,
Gazing ahead, not behind to the past,
How long will this shattered heart last?

Every word you spoke, it seems, was a guise,
I’ll step forth with tears in my eyes.
How many fractures can a heart withstand,
In this intricate and fragile land?

I’ve wept for you, more than enough,
Longing for your touch, yearning for your stuff.
But your indifference, I’ll now defy,
I’ll seek a new path, at least, I’ll try.

In this journey of mending my heart’s despair,
I’ll find strength, breathe in the open air,
Though the pain is real, I’ll spread my wings to fly,
With hope in my heart, at least, I’m going to try.

The Hardest Thing I'll Ever Do - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

16. Title: “Love Hurts”

I can’t believe you left just like that,
Leaving me with questions, and that’s a fact.
You could’ve shared, and make it clear,
But now you’re gone, and I’m left with tears.

I thought our love was sturdy and strong,
But it seems I was mistaken all along.
Everything you said, it now feels like a lie,
And I’m here, wondering why you said goodbye.

We used to be best friends for countless years,
Yet now, all that remains are these bitter tears.
As we grew up together, side by side,
I never imagined you’d become a source of divide.

You held the key to the heart that’s now aching,
And your departure has left me heartbroken.
I’ll wait for a day when we might reunite,
To show the world our love still burns so bright.

Love Hurts - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

17. Title: ” Yearning to Forget”

I wish I could forget…
All the tears and pain, the regret,
All the hurt and shame that clung,
To my past, where old memories hung.

Your face, once imprinted in my mind,
Like intricate lace, so hard to unwind,
The times you made me happy, mad,
Our moments together, both good and bad.

I yearn to erase the joy and laughter,
We shared in the here and ever after,
The grip you had on my fragile heart,
Torn apart, tearing me apart.

I long to escape these relentless cries,
In every tear, I see your lies,
To forget, erase, let go of you,
For a future anew, bright and true.

Yearning to Forget - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

18. Title: “Is It Worth The Pain?”

You professed your love with a look in your eye,
I wish I could say it was just a lie.
Your love is real, I know that you care,
Yet anger within you begins to flare.

Mistakes were made, boundaries crossed,
I feel fake, our love seems lost.
I swore I’d never let it come to this,
Now forgiveness feels like an endless abyss.

We promised to try, yet ended in tears,
Creating a rift, magnifying our fears.
Recall when we started, love bloomed too soon,
You’d notice only me in the room.

Actions were taken, regrets that ensue,
Our love’s facing its darkest debut.
Not long ago, I meant everything to you,
Now searching for new pursuits, something to do.

Is It Worth The Pain? - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

19. Title: “Love Lost to Another”

I love you, but you love her,
The past’s a painful blur.
Cherishing what used to be,
When you were once in love with me.

I need you, but you need her,
It’s she you now prefer.
She holds the place so near,
I wish she’d just disappear.

I want you, but you want her,
The pain’s too hard to bear.
Believing we are through,
You’ve found somebody new.

Now it’s all been said,
Our love’s finally undone,
You’re with her instead,
For her, the battle’s won.

Love Lost to Another - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

20. Title: “Breath of Purpose”

If you have breath, you have a role to play,
A purpose to guide you through each day.
You’re an instrument of life’s grand score,
A testament to resilience and much more.

With each breath, you proclaim your worth,
Navigating the challenges of this earthly berth.
You’re a living testament to strength and grace,
Breathing life’s lessons in this endless space.

Inhale the moments, both joy and strife,
For every breath you take, is the breath of life.
With courage in each breath you seize.
You stand resilient, alive, and ever at ease.

The exhale reminds you to release your doubt,
As you inhale the potential, breathe it out.
Your purpose echoes in each breath you take,
A reminder that you’re here, fully awake.

Breath of Purpose - Healing You Hurting Me Poems

Through the “Healing You, Hurting Me,” we’ve gone on a journey through deep feelings. We saw how love can make us feel happy and sad, and how it can sometimes be tough. But the cool thing is, even when love makes us hurt, it also helps us grow stronger.

These poems are like friends who understand our feelings. They show us that when we love someone, we might feel pain, but that’s normal. And even if our hearts get a little broken, we can still become better and happier.

So, these poems teach us that love is a mix of good and tough moments. They comfort people who have loved and lost, and they give hope to those who are trying to heal their hearts.

This collection of poems is like a warm hug for our feelings, showing us that poetry has the power to fix not only our hearts but also our spirits when they feel a bit broken.

Don’t forget that even when life is hard, we can find some comfort in Daily Time Poems!

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